Thank you for coming to our site. We are the official My Packers Movers in the world and the only company that offers emergency house and office moving services. The company was founded back in 2010 and has been operating since then none stop.


One of the things that make us special is that we are different. That is, we do not focus on only making money but also providing value to our customers. Whenever you call, you can be sure that someone will pick up the phone and respond to your query in no time.

The services are quite affordable if you were to compare them with what our competitors are offering. This is because we are committed to ensuring that your relocation to the next room is as simple and stress free as possible.

Our personnel are well trained and conversant with all the steps that you should take as you prepare to get to your next room or apartment. They will work with you from the start and even give you some expert tips on how to pack your items to prevent issues such as breakages and loses.

The customer service team is well trained too and they work as a team with our agents in the field to make sure that each project is completed on time. Thank you once again for reading our content and we look forward to your call.